Background Codes and Wallpaper for HTML Color Code #EDF0F4

Download blue_01.gif Download blue_02.gif Download blue_03.gif Download blue_04.gif Download blue_05.gif Download blue_06.gif Download blue_07.gif

Setting Style Tags

Place between <head></head>

<style>body {scrollbar-arrow-color: #5B5959; font-family: times; scrollbar-darkshadow-color: #000000; scrollbar-base-color: #ececec; background-color: #235899} a {color: #BBD6F4;text-decoration:none} a:hover{font-weight:bold}</style>
Download blue_08.gif Download blue_09.gif Download blue_10.gif Download blue_11.gif Download blue_12.gif Download blue_13.gif Download blue_14.gif

Setting Body Tag

Place directly below headers. (<head></head>)

<body style="font-family: tahoma" background="image-url.gif" bgproperties="fixed">
Download blue_15.gif Download blue_16.gif Download blue_17.gif Download blue_18.gif Download blue_19.gif Download blue_20.gif Download blue_21.gif

Creating Tables with Background

Place background="image_url.gif" in either the <tbody> (to cover entire body of table) or <td> (for single cell)

<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1" align="center" border="1">
<tbody style="font-size: 11" bgcolor="#edf0f4">
<td background="image_url.gif" style="width:100; height: 100">
Download blue_22.gif Download blue_23.gif Download blue_24.gif Download blue_25.gif Download blue_26.gif Download blue_27.gif Download blue_28.gif
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